Fall In Love

Many studies through the years support that scents have a huge impact on how we feel, think about and respond to various environments, surroundings and even people. This past Sunday my family & I went to the movies. My hunger was immediately triggered by smelling the popcorn and other intermingled aromas of all the goodies that movie stands have to offer.

We had a large breakfast and are trying to be healthier so, we skipped the concession stand and headed straight to our seats.

While the previews were running, I caught a whiff of a fantastic scent. I smiled when I realized, it was my husband sitting next to me. I had remarked about his great smell while we were getting ready to go out earlier that morning and then forgot about it.

Sitting there beside him, I was comforted and relaxed by just the smell of him, his after-shave and how it smelled on him in particular. I thought to myself how much I love him then turned my attention back to the screen.   

Do you have a favorite cologne or perfume? I know I do but, I recently found out some disturbing news about some of my favorite perfumes. They’re toxic. Yes sadly they’re actually poisonous. Manufacturers are not required to list ingredients on the labels of perfume and cologne, nor do they have to reveal the specific ingredients that qualify as “fragrance” to regulating authorities because they are protected as trade secrets. Here is an excerpt from a recent study.

{Acetaldehyde is a very common chemical in fragrances and is a probable human carcinogen.  In animal studies, it crosses the placenta to a fetus.  The chemical industry’s own Toxic Data Safety Sheets list headaches, tremors, convulsions, and even death as a possible effect of exposure to acetonitrile. In animal studies, styrene oxide causes depression.  Toluene (also known as methyl benzene) is a well established neurotoxin that can cause loss of muscle control, brain damage, headaches, memory loss, and problems with speech, hearing, and vision.  Musk tetralin (AETT) has been shown to cause brain cell and spinal cord degeneration.}

Huh? WOW! I never experienced tremors or the extreme side effects mentioned above but, I DID however, conduct a small non-scientific experiment on my own.

I did not wear perfume for seven days. During that period, I actually did think somewhat clearer, did not have any sneezing, skin irritations or headaches.

When I returned to wearing perfume on the eighth day, I immediately had to think harder, had a nagging buzzy headache and a small skin irritation at the sites where I spritzed. Hmm…. So OK. My own experiment bore out some of the same results found by the study.

I was very disappointed but, undaunted and still wanting to smell good, I set out to find natural alternatives. Here are two great ones that you can try at home!

This recipe requires time and patience. There are other speedier recipes that you can look up on the net but if you truly want an all natural and lasting fragrance, this is the way to go.  This recipe is for an Earthy, spicy, sweet fragrance.

You can have fun and experiment with different ingredients to find your special scent.

Sweet Earth Perfume

  • 1 whole vanilla bean, broken in pieces
  • 2 teaspoons whole cloves
  • 1 three-inch piece cinnamon stick
  • Orange peel from an organic orange

Place the dry ingredients in a 1 pint jar with a tight lid. Fill jar with vodka. Place the jar in your closet or any darker area, and shake daily for 2 to 4 weeks. Strain out the dry ingredients and voila! you have all natural perfume!

Here is another Recipe to try. This one is said to have the fragrance that conjures up visions of love to all who smell it. I’ll call it simply…

Love Potion

15 ml jojoba
15 drops black tea
10 drops vanilla
8 drops cognac
12 drops rose absolute
2 drops champa
2 drops ginger
8 drops blood orange
3 drops pink grapefruit

Mix ingredients in a glass jar, and store in a cool dark place for 1 week then enjoy! Dab small amounts on pulse points and watch the sparks fly! *SMILE*

So now you can still smell great and stay healthy too! Enjoy!

All The Best To You!!!

~Patti (Yeshuazgirl)

Resources:  For more information about the studies cited or regarding the toxic ingredients in perfumes, fabric softeners and dryer sheets, and other household and personal care products, consult book: The Brain Wash: A Powerful, All-Natural Program to Protect Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Parkinson’s and other Diseases

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2 Responses to Fall In Love

  1. Aubrey-Shea says:

    I always wondered why I had such a severe skin reaction whenever I sprayed perfume on my skin. I DO have eczema but it usually never got that bad except in the heat. Now that I read this article it makes a whole lot more sense, frightening as the revelation is I’m glad to know now what I’ve been doing to myself.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. Yes many women and men alike have no idea of the side effectes that their daily spritz may be causing them. So glad you are educated now and can find more natural and healthy alternatives for yourself and your special skin needs. I’ll be formulating all sorts of natural body sprays & perfumes in the near future and even some for skin sensitivities like eczema and psoriasis etc..


    Thanks Again & All The Best To You!!!
    ~Patti (Yeshuazgirl)

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