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Good Morning All!

Today I decided to blog about what we put on our children. After reading the article about our toxic make up & perfumes, I got to thinking what else don’t we know?! We naïvely set about our day poisioning ourselves but what about our babies?, kids, teens even!  

Well one look at just about any shampoo, conditioner or any bath product that is supposed to be “foamy” and 99% of the time you will see the ingredient “sodium lauryl sulfate”


Did you know..?
That the vast majority of us bathe with harmful chemicals?!
Chemicals like SLS Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which was actually created as a solvent and skin irritant?! It is used commercially in almost every single shampoo, soap etc..on the shelves today! even “gentle” baby wash!

It’s residue, when washed down the drains, cause all sorts of issues for wildlife and gets into the ground & water supply! – Just take a moment and look at the ingredients of all of the “health” and beauty products you have in your house right now… I’ll bet that most if not all contain SLS..Not Good…

The best and most complete article I found about SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is here: http://www.wisegeek.com%2Fwhat-is-sodium-lauryl-sulfate.htm

Here are a few startling excerpts from the article:

> However, the use of sodium lauryl sulfate has been a subject of lot of controversy. It has arguably been called one of the most dangerous ingredients in products today.
> One thing about sodium lauryl sulfate that had a lot of animal rights activists protesting is its use in clinical testing.
> The chemical is employed as a primary skin irritant in trial tests on animal or human subjects. Usually after sodium lauryl sulfate is applied to the skin, a rash is likely to develop.
> The product itself, usually intended to heal skin irritation, is then tested for effectiveness.
> Besides subjecting human and animal test subjects to different degrees of discomfort, critics claim that sodium lauryl sulfate is retained in the long run in organ tissues like the heart, liver, and brain.
> In lab animals, testing has been blamed for causing mutagenic effects.
> If they remain in the eyes for too long, they may also lead to the development of cataracts.
> Because sodium lauryl sulfate is corrosive by nature, it can dry out skin by stripping the protective lipids from the surface of the skin, weakening the body’s natural moisture regulation mechanisms.
> If it eats away at the follicle, hair loss may also be induced.
> In extreme cases, sodium lauryl sulfate is argued to be carcinogenic, though not by itself.
> When exposed to other nitrogen-bearing ingredients of a skin product though, the oxidation reaction that results may form nitrosomines, which are carcinogenic nitrates. Opponents of this argument claim that the percentage of sodium lauryl sulfate in such products is usually not enough to cause cancer in human beings. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and the National Toxicology Program (NTP) are all research-based organizations that have rated sodium lauryl sulfate as non-carcinogenic.


So why would you bathe in chemicals like that? Chemicals that could even lead to Cancer?!
Probably because, that is what is readily available and cheap and you didn’t know any better..
Well let me just say, just like the Earth, there is only one you. You should take care of the only you that you’ve got.
You deserve to be healthy & clean now you don’t have to choose one or the other *SMILE* Forutnately, other people discovered these potential dangers and developed SLS – FREE products. *Round of Applause For Them* *Yeah!!!* and Thank You!!!
I am thankful for these forward thinking/ acting people and I am following suit. Like I mentioned earlier, due to this new found knowledge, I am expanding my line of Eco-Friendly Products and Organic oh so good for you soaps.

THE Eco-Chic Boutique launches September 1st 2010! Join My Fan Page (link below)

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Here’s To A Healthier Beautiful You Naturally!

~ Patti (Yeshuazgirl)


About THE Eco-Chic Boutique

* Everyday Is A Gift!~Unwrap Like You MEAN IT!!! * This is my own personal made-up motto & I try like the dickens to live by this daily! * I'm grateful for every day,everything & everyone in it * It's my passion to bring all of you beauties wholesome, eco-friendly, aromatherapy & spa quality bath & body products! * It's my true belief that we are all meant to be natural beauties! * Without harmful chemicals and additives. * I promise to post helpful information about health & beauty * Share my knowlegde of healing and beneficial natural botanicals and other products / ingredients * I will provide informative articles on all things that are oh so good for you & your health! * I have recently launched my own all natural and organic health & beauty product line! * All The Very Best To You!!! * Patti (Yeshuazgirl) Shop THE Eco-Chic Boutique Online @ http://www.addoway.com/theecochicboutique/storefront/ http://www.etsy.com/shop/theecochicboutique
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