Pokety Poke

Good Morning All!

Yesterday, I wrote about fasting for 12 hours to have blood drawn. Well now I’m here to tell you how it went and how I had to use one of my key ingredients to umm…heal myself…

Well…firstly trying to be more healthy, I walked. The place I had to go turned out to be a bout 1/2 mile away so no sweat! I put on my walking sneakers, follow my Google Maps directions and lo! 15 minutes later, I’m lost. LOL!

Anyhoo, after walking a few blocks past my “desired” destination, I had to back-track and use human ingenuity to find it. As it turned out, I had to go up stairs, down stairs, through a parking lot, around the corner and it was the second door on the left. First challenge of the day done.

I walk in and see only a few folks waiting. I go through the obligatory paperwork and sign in sheet routine and sit down. I figure, these folks draw blood all the time, I’ll be in & out in a snap! Then, I can walk back home and get that coffee and ginormous piece of cake in no time!

I was wrong. I did not wait long to hear my name called and the Phlebotomist to say go to room 1 please. So I take my little backpack and have a seat in room 1. A few moments later a tentative looking young lady comes in, squints at the prescription orders and begins taking one after the other of various sized vials  from a rack above the counter. She would take one, put one back, take one put two back. This went on for a few minutes. I finally asked, “Is everything OK?” She said, “Oh, uh yes”. She calls out to Phlebotomist 1 who took my info and entered my name and other pertinent data into the computer and said, “Hey! is this last one a skip or what?”

OK wait, what about HIPPA laws? what the heck is a skip and should you be yelling it across the office where more and more people are now gathering to make their “donation” of blood.

She finally put the tourniquet on, swabs my arm and stick. YIKES! What the!??? @%$$$ *&%% – turns out it was her first day. OY and OUCHIES!! OK no blood is coming out so she starts the dreaded digging around. She has to move the needle with every vial she is taking and it is coming out painfully slow….After half filling 4 vials, I told her, “That is starting to hurt just a tad” (said with emphasis though) She said, “Oh, sorry” and kept digging until the vein could take no more and blew.  

I asked, “Can we get someone else to give this a shot?” She looked as relieved as I was and said, “Sure, sorry about this it’s my first day”. So, out goes the needle, on goes cotton, gauze and tape. I now look like I’ve been shot and bandaged instead of just going for a routine needle stick.

Now after a few moments, enter Phlebotomist 1. She is much more confident looking and immediately rips off the bandages and takes a look. It’s not bad at first but palpates the vein and says, when it gets black & blue (not if, but when) put ice on it to reduce the swelling. She did apologize profusely and started palpating my arm for a new victim vein. With lightning accuracy she drew 5 vials (2 very large, 2 medium large and 1 small)

So now, I am hole-y and sore and no longer care about cake but the numb tingly bruised sensation running up and down my right arm. Again bandaged and now about 9.5 to 10 vials of blood lighter, I make my way eagerly home.

I removed my bandaging and that quickly, my vein and arm is bruised and black and very very sore. I can hardly move. Mind you, I am no wimp, and have a very high tolerance for pain.

I remember about my Kukuinut oil and how it is said to help bruising etc.. so I think ah ha! here’s a perfect test! Well..I have to say that about 2 hours after putting the Kukuinut oil on, the bruising was MUCH less severe and I could move my arm and it no longer hurt. AT ALL!!! So maybe this all happened so I could share this Kukuinut cure with all of you. I fully believe that everything happens for a reason and I’m choosing to believe that the Kukuinut cure is it 🙂

Just a final funny note to this tale of woe and ouch 🙂

When I was getting ready to leave, a little old lady about ‘3 apples high’ with skin like Clint Eastwood and one pirate-like squinty eye came in and declared to the room, “OK, I have skin like rice paper and veins like the desert. Who wants me!?” I said a silent prayer that the little lady did not get the newbie and quickly left.

When I arrived home, my daughter put on a fresh pot of coffee and I had a granola bar instead of the cake. Afterall, I want to stay as healthy as possible to avoid the pokety poke as much as possible in the future.

Hope You Enjoyed Today’s Story! and Remember Kukuinut oil for bruises and ouchies! even burns! 🙂

All The Best To You!!!

~ Patti (Yeshuazgirl)

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2 Responses to Pokety Poke

  1. Aubrey says:

    Awww! My poor mommy! Glad your oil helps though 🙂

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