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I’m feelin’ somewhat back to my perky ol self. Lucky you! *SMILE*

So I decided that I’d write the article I’ve been meaning to write about your skin and hair and the changing weather. In most parts of the country (USA) right now it is getting chilly. The leaves are turning color and the days are getting shorter.

It seems like we wake up to darkness and go home from work in  darkness. Darkety dark dark dark. Fall and most certainly Winter, can be a depressing time of year for some.

Here are some ways to keep yourself upbeat and your skin & hair looking great during these darker days.

Tip 1. Work It Out.

Maintain or start a workout routine to keep your energy level up and get those good feeling endorphins flowing. This time of year is GREAT to start on a healthier regimen to reveal a sleeker healthier you by Christmas and / or by next Summer! Woo Hoo!! Set small goals and stick with it! You’ll be happy you did! 🙂

Tip 2.  Use A Sunblock.

Make sure you still use a sunblock or oil or lotion containing sunblock! Just because it’s not as sunny, does not mean that you are less at risk for skin damage due to UV (Ultra-Violet) exposure.

Tip 3. Take Care Of The Whole You.

Remember to take care of your skin all over! Not just your face. Treat yourself to a nice relaxing Dead Sea Salt soak in the tub and follow up with a great body oil like Trinity or Essential Elixir Both are excellent ultra hydrating oils for your face and body. Both contains superb anti-aging properties and are natural sunscreen! So many beauty products rolled into one!

Tip 4. Dry Scalp Control.

During the Fall and Winter more and more of us suffer from dry scalp as well. Both oils mentioned above can also be used as a pre-shampoo dry scalp treatment for dandruff! Just take a small amount and massage into your scalp with your fingertips (not your nails) leave in for 2 to 3 minutes and then shampoo as normal.

Or warm the Trinity or Essential Elixir oil, take a small amount and massage into scalp and ends of hair, leave on for 15 minutes then shampoo as normal and you have an intensive hot oil dry scalp treatment!

Tip 5. Take Care of Your Feet.

Don’t forget your feet as well! Sandal weather is over but, please don’t forget to take care of your feet. Treat yourself to a nice home pedicure after this simple recipe for a great foot soak!

Fabulous Feet Treat:
This super simple recipe is great to soothe tired feet, relieve aches and pains, deodorize as well as soften skin.

  • Add 1/2 cup of Epsom Salts to a large pan of very warm water.
  • Soak feet for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Rinse and pat dry.

Fabulous Additions:
Lime slices and mint leaves
Rose petals or lavender
Orange peel and rosemary sprigs
Dried seaweed and sea salt  (great detoxifiers)
A few drops of a favorite essential oil (most popular are peppermint and lavender)

Tip 6. Stay Active.

Get together with friends more often, relax with friends and family around a fire pit, go hiking, bundle up and still go for that walk around the neighborhood. Play a family game. Read that great book you’ve been meaning to read. Volunteer some of your time to a worthy cause. Go for a nice drive in the country and see the trees in all their splendor. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Walk around an open air market to find some goodies. Just don’t sit idle. Maintain a good level of activity during the colder months and you’ll be happy that you did.

That’s all I have for now.  Those are a few great tips (if I do say so myself) 🙂 to keep your body, mind and skin happy this Fall & Winter.

Have a Beautiful Day & All The Best to You!!!

~Patti (Yeshuazgirl)


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3 Responses to Weather The Weather

  1. Aubrey says:

    Awesome tips for the chilly months! We tend to let our skin get chapped and dry during these times. I will definitely keep these in mind 🙂

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