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It’s Fall, the time of year for colder weather, static in your hair and clothes and new back to school stresses for kids and parents alike. Some of that stress can manifest itself as acne. If you have a teen or are a teen with acne, then this article is for you! Much of teen social stresses comes from one’s appearance. Especially one’s skin.

Teens with acne, eczema or other skin issues are often shunned and made fun of. It is a huge issue among teens and can make or break one’s self-confidence and level of acceptance. My oldest daughter is 17 with thick wavy hair and gorgeous skin. She used to suffer from eczema and acne and dry scalp.

Now she is clear!  (Yes that’s her to the right) Isn’t she gorgeous? 🙂 OK anyway, she now has small outbreaks of acne every now and again but, the acne, eczema and dry scalp is so under control they are not really an issue any longer.  

There is so much noise out on the market place about this or that acne skin care line etc.. etc.. with famous pitch people all telling their acne stories. All of these brands end up costing a small fortune for tiny bottles!

ALL of them contain all sorts of chemicals and there are so many steps involved, it’s crazy! I would not want that on my skin let alone on the tender skin of my teen!

So we have a much simpler method on how to handle and conquer acne even sever acne. 

Rose Water is naturally anti-bacterial and pure rose water is extremely beneficial for aged skin, sensitive skin, acne prone skin, eczema and psoriasis skin issues. Proper skin care is essential for anyone especially in the colder months and for teens.

This is how we control my daughter’s acne naturally. She washes with the pure rose water cleanser and uses my all natural olive oil and goat milk soaps for her face and body. Voila! no more acne.

It’s as simple as that. I have special soaps that are geared toward more severe cases of acne prone skin like peppermint tea tree oil soap. Mild yet powerful enough to clear any skin. Also the rose water toner is a superb mild and powerful astringent to conquer any level of acne naturally. It deep cleans pores without having to subject yourself to harsh chemicals and scrubbing which, most often just further irritates and aggravates the effected skin.

Here are a few simple tips to help get and keep your skin looking & feeling great!

Tip#1 Clean your face every morning and evening with a mild soap or cleanser.

Tip#2 Pat your skin dry do not rub. Rubbing can irritate and dry out your skin.

Tip#3 If you need a more powerful anti-acne regimen, follow up with an all natural toner like the rose water toner mentioned above.

Tip#4 keep your hair clean and away from your face as much as possible.

Tip#5 Keep your bedding clean especially your pillow cases! Dirt and oil from your face and hair accumulate on your bedding.

Tip#6 Stay away from spicy foods and alcohol as they can irritate your skin from within. 

Tip#7 Take steps to not stress. Relax and enjoy. Here are some great ideas just for you! 🙂 

Tip#8 Drink plenty of water and eat a more healthy diet. Say no to sugar-rich and junk foods more often and say yes to fruit and granola.

Tip#9 Be consistent in your skin care regimen. Find what works and stick with it. Make certain that it is a natural solution or you may have issues resulting from chemical exposure down the road.

Tip#10 Gently exfoliate dead skin cells about once a week. For face I recommend my Morning Face Exfoliating Scrub it is effective and gentle. Infused with precious Argan Oil it is extremely beneficial for your skin. For your body I recommend my Always Anjavacal Coffee Sugar Scrub

So there you have my recommendations. My daughter helped to write this article and endorses it completely. She’s not famous but is a teen that suffered from multiple skin issues and knows what it is like to have the relief of clear, clean skin without breaking the bank and using all natural good for you products!

Aubrey-Shea and I wish you a Beautiful Day!

All The Best To You!!!

~ Patti (Yeshuazgirl) & Aubrey-Shea (My Girl) *SMILE*

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