Skin Cancer


Hi All,

It’s funny how things happen in clusters or “sets” in life isn’t it?

In my life things tend to happen in “3s” life, death, opportunities, friends, news, tasks etc.. the only exception has been children. I only have 2 – Oh and of course husbands. I’ve only been married once and am still married to the same wonderful man.

Anyway, the same “3s” scenario has happened to me again recently.

I chose 3 main ingredients for my beauty product line and have held true to them.

My main anti-aging and multi-beneficial oil is comprised of all three key ingredients. I have dubbed it “Trinity Oil” The label also says “For an angelic face and heavenly body” which, I thought was quite clever besides being true. 🙂

Also a “three”, three ladies newly diagnosed with skin cancer have started using my Trinity Oil to aid in soothing and healing radiation burns and other effects of treatment for their skin cancer.

These brave ladies have now provided feedback regarding their experiences and shared the many ways that they use the Trinity Oil. Here is a bulleted list based off of their tremendous feedback.

  • As relief to help heal radiation burns
  • Slather on their balding heads from radiation to stimulate hair growth and make hair shiny and healthy as it grows back.
  • Soothes dry cold weather skin
  • Heals and fades stretch marks
  • As a leave in hair conditioner
  • Dry scalp/dandruff treatment
  • After bath/shower all over body moisturizing oil
  • Eye make-up remover
  • Dry spot/patch healer
  • Massage Oil
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Natural antiseptic small cut healer
  • callus conqueror
  • Add a few drops with epsom salt to a healing foot soak
  • Dry cracked lip cure
  • Add a tsp. to running warm bath to soak in and relax

I LOVE that these ladies and others have shared all of their great uses for my effective oil blend! I am happy and blessed that they are finding such great relief and benefit from my product! I could never have imagined it’s full and far-reaching benefits when I initially formulated it!

I have recently received three more inquiries from ladies who have been freshly diagnosed with skin cancer. Now that total is six. It was 3 then 3 more have inquired about my Trinity Oil.

I make no claims that it will cure Cancer but, based on feedback from actual patients using the oil, thus far the healing benefits while undergoing treatment are many.  

It is a fact that using harsh chemicals for any reason, is not good for you as well as prolonged, unprotected exposure to the sun. This can lead to an unhealthy result such as skin cancer. So for your own sake, please be more aware of what you are putting on your skin. 🙂 Educate yourself on what chemicals are found in your every day products and research them and their effects.

Besides the bulleted list of uses and benefits listed above, my Trinity oil is also filled with natural sunscreen properties as well. I also know that using the Trinity oil in the afore-mentioned ways has greatly helped these women as per their own feedback to me personally.

By the way ladies, if any of you are reading this, and would like to share your personal story and feedback here, I’d be grateful for the commentary about your personal experiences. 🙂

Find Me Under Patti's Pretty N Precious Store (my former store name)

My pledge to these ladies and all of my customers, is that I will continue to research and formulate the very best products. Healthy, natural and organic products that can be used in many ways to benefit you in your quest for natural and healthy alternatives to chemical laden products.

My products are and will continue to be all natural, organic when possible, simple, effective and simply effective.

I am working on formulating many more products and also developing a kids, teen and men’s line as well! To my ladies using the Trinity oil I hope that you continue to heal and are cured of your cancer soon! May it never return! Know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers daily.

To the rest of you, thanks so very much again for reading!

Have a Beautiful Day! & All The Best To You!!!

~Patti  (Yeshuazgirl)


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  1. Thanks Che Ore Sono Sarah

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