Days Off and a Tale of Thanksgiving

Hi All,

Sorry for not blogging the last two days. I had some other things to attend to. All good nothing bad 🙂
In fact one of the things that required my attention was an unexpected blessing from my dad. Don’t you just love it when those happen?

In my case, we moved into this new home this past July. Another unexpected blessing but, I already blogged about that.. I think…
Anyway, my dad called me out of the blue and asked if I had purchased those new beds for my girls yet. You see we had to get rid of about 75% of our “stuff” in order to fit into this much smaller but much nicer home. 

So, my girls have been sleeping on mattresses on the floor and not proper beds since we moved in. My dad noticed this fact after his first visit to our new place recently.

So to continue my thought above, …. I sheepishly answered, “Umm we plan on buying them soon but, no why?”
He said, “good! I want to buy them!”. I said, “Whoa! what?! are you sure?!” after a pregnant pause, He said, words to the effect that “I never do anything I am not sure of” (which amazingly enough is pretty true of my father).

Now, I am not certain if you all have made any large purchases in the furniture bedding department recently, but the prices are outrageous!

He picked me up after work this past Friday and we headed straight to the store. With sale circular in hand, we strode into the store and to the bedding department. The salesman was kind and helpful. He made my dad and I hop up and lay on numerous beds. I hate this part of shopping for beds. I feel a tad funny laying down fully dressed trying this bed and that.. I was thinking this is just like Goldilocks…this one is too hard…this one is too soft…. then we hit upon the “this one is juuuust right” mattress and guess what! Of course, it wasn’t on sale. Oh my golly… I got so caught up in the yeah!!! we found a just right one, that I did not look at the tag to see if it was included in the sale. The salesman, wrinkled his brow and said, “Folks, I want you to know that this mattresses is not eligible for the 20% off deal”.

My stomach lurched. “Oh no!” I thought. I was going to hop off and start over with the ‘on sale mattresses’ to find the best of that lot. I was almost over the edge and upright when my father piped up. “That’s OK, if this is the one, then this is the one.” I blinked and froze. My mind was trying to comprehend what I just heard.

Now I have to stop here and let you in on my dad’s personality and spending habits. My dad is mostly Scottish (thrifty) by nature and “saves his lunch money” so to speak. He KNOWS quality but almost always waits patiently for that just right price or knows where to get the best for less etc.. it’s like a hobby for him. Which is great! more people should be that way I think and I have learned much from him in this regard.

I looked at him and blinked. I did not know what to say. My heart was already filled with humble gratefulness and now was bursting with those feelings even fresher and deeper. He said, “I just want my granddaughters to be comfortable and warm”.

I had to stifle tears. (My dad and I are both not accustomed to showing “weaker” emotions. We don’t cry much at all and hugs are sometimes awkward.) Anyway, I was simply awestruck and grateful more than words can say.

When all was finished at the cash register, my dad handed me the receipt and made sure that the salesman knew to deliver the beds to my house, not his.

I thanked him profusely again and was headed toward the car. My dad said, “Hey! where are you going?” I said, “Oh my, I’m  sorry I didn’t realize that you wanted to look at some things too.” To which he gleefully piped up and said, “Well, the girls are going to need new bedding to go with their new beds!” I almost fell on the floor!

So he speed-walked me to the next department to pick out flannel sheets, quilted mattress toppers, down quilts, suvvy blankets (my sister’s word for a cross between soft & fuzzy) and new pillows. I was just blown away by his overflowing generosity, love and caring. Still I had no words, which, for me is rare I always have something to say 🙂 .

We looked at this and that and finally brought everything to the register. He paid again and, again I thanked him profusely but still at a loss for appropriate thankful words to express what I was feeling.

We took all of the packages to the car and I expected to be on our way. He closed the trunk and I followed him as he quickly started back toward the mall. He treated me to dinner and we talked a bit. Still, I did not know what to say or how to begin to express my true level of gratitude and thankfulness.

The beds were delivered yesterday and my dad came right after work to see them and see that everything was OK. He was beaming at the sight of the new beds in my girls’ room. My girls and I thanked him again and again the words fell far short of the warm and grateful feelings inside. 

This Thanksgiving, my little family has some extras to be so very thankful for. We were and always will be grateful to my dad for many many reasons and this just adds to the list.

Every night before bed, my little one asks each one of us to supply her with 3 happy thoughts each so that she can go to sleep with them tucked in her brain to stave off any nightmares.

Her first happy thought last night was her new bed. Both girls slept like they have not slept in quite a while.  Thanks so very much dad! We love you and are grateful more than words can say! x0x0x0

To all, find your attitude of gratitude and all else is icing on the cake!

Make it a Beautiful Day! & All The Best To You!!!

~Patti (yeshuazgirl)

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