Hey All,

Today I am 43 years old… I woke up wondering where the heck all of those years went. As I laid there trying to coax my tired, one year older bones out of my memory foam bed, I started to remember various snippets of my life. Some funny, some not so funny, some scary, tragic and even peaceful. A strange mix of sensations for just waking up in the morning. I finally stretched and made my way out to my morning routine and my lil’ office.

My hubby had a card and giant chocolate bar propped up in front of the monitor. My eyes were instantly wider and brighter at the mere sight of the chocolate goodness not to mention the card.

He brought me coffee, I sniffed and caressed the chocolate and then read the card. This is what is said.

<< Front Cover >>

For The Woman Of My Dreams

The first time I saw you, I somehow knew you’d be important in my life. In my eyes you were beautiful in so many ways.

There was no doubt that I wanted to spend forever with you. And when we joined our lives, things were every bit as good as I’d hoped. I didn’t want anything to change.

<< Inside >>

But life is full of changes, and not every day can be paradise. Together we’ve faced reality. the day-to-day “bumps in the road” that test every couple’s patience.

I’ve seen you in many challenging situations, and the miracle is… you’re even more beautiful than I thought possible! You’re sweet, thoughtful, strong, supportive, and a partner anyone would want on their side.

Not only are you the woman of my dreams, but you’re also my best friend, and as time passes, I fall more deeply in love with you.

Happy Birthday

Love your hubby Steve. X0X0X0X0X0X0X0

WOWZERS.. What a great start to my day! Not only do I get chocolate and coffee, I get this great card that pretty much says it all. I LOVE my hubby and he’s always been GREAT with picking out cards. As I read the last line, I remembered another birthday card that my hubby bought for me many years ago. He used to call me “Sweet Pea.”

In his rush to fill out the card and give it to me, he wrote out To my dearest “Sweat Pea” instead of sweet pea. I read that first line and nearly wet myself! I don’t know why but, I burst out laughing and could not stop!

His face went pale..he looked sad and disappointed. I tried to hold it together. This was one of those cards that is a veritable novel, 2 inches thick, repleat with gold cord and tassel to hold it all together and probably cost nearly ten bucks. You know the kind…

Anyway, I could not read the rest of the card, I tried several times but the first line was a killer. My dearest sweat pea.

I finally managed to read it and it was wonderful! Just as wonderful as the words I received this birthday. Like I said the kid is a good card picker-outer  😛  but, the magic of the moment was ruined. I felt horrible but, despite the fact that I cannot remember a single word of that grandiose card, I’ll always remember that line and the intent sweetness and pure love that gave it to me.

Thanks so much for making my life so very wonderful!

Love, Your Dearest Sweat Pea


Have a Beautiful Day All!

P.S. This blog will return to it’s regularly scheduled topics and content tomorrow 🙂

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4 Responses to Birthday….

  1. Love this! I don’t think I would ever get out of a memory foam bed if I had one…


  2. Aubrey-Shea says:

    lol Happy bday mommy!

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