Happy New Year Everyone!

Hey All!

Firstly, I want to wish all of you a safe and happy new year!

Secondly, today’s article will be short and sweet and contain tips to look great, have fun and recover if you do get a nasty headache from too much celebrating.

OK ladies, you spend a lot of time and effort getting your hair and make up just right for that big new year’s eve party right? So my number one tip to keep looking great on New Year’s Eve, is….

  1. Do not drink alcohol. No, I’m not a party pooper. Here’s why I say refrain from imbibing. It dehydrates your body, is a toxin, causes capillary breakage in your face and causes that glassy-eyed look. BUT, if you must imbibe a little, then go ahead but only a little.
  2. If you must, then have a few drinks and drink slowly. Try to drink Ginger Ale or spring water in between to keep up your hydration and sugar levels. Alcohol depletes your body of necessary sugars and electrolytes as well.
  3. Make sure to eat. Don’t go out on an empty stomach. Eat a healthy snack with protein. Even if there will be food at the party, don’t leave home without a good snack or meal. You can always just nibble throughout the evening.
  4. Keep a snack with you. Like a protein bar and bottle of spring water in your purse. Sound funny? Well… just in case the party fare is not to your taste, you won’t go hungry. It happened to me once. I attended a New Year’s Eve party that served only steak tartare, caviar and other small delicacies like octopus and other “unmentionables”.. ugh.. I was starved by the time I got home! Not to mention more than just a tad dehydrated from all of the champagne I drank out of hunger.

OK so there are some tips I offer to you out of experience. Here is a helpful cure for a hangover. Make a banana / honey shake or eat a banana dipped in honey and have a glass of milk.

Excerpt From Health911.com

Bananas One of the quickest ways to cure a hangover is to make a banana milkshake sweetened with honey. The banana helps calm the stomach, and with the honey, builds up the depleted blood sugar levels. The milk soothes the stomach and rehydrates your system. Bananas are also rich in the important electrolytes, magnesium and potassium, which are severely depleted during heavy drinking.

This will aid in restoring much-needed sugars & vitamins. Help coat and sooth your stomach and is very filling. Take two Ibuprofen or Advil and get plenty of rest!

Stay Safe! Have Fun! and Happy New Year All!

Hoping this year is successful and prosperous for us all!

~ Patti (Yeshuazgirl)

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